About Serial Fiction

A Serial Fiction – what the heck is that?  

This is a project that posts as it goes.  This story  updates primarily as text chapters of various lengths, with occasional illustrations, anecdotes, or notes being added along the way. This will function more like the serial novel of the Victorian age or the modern Japanese light novel (in which large chunks are posted), with the intent of breaking at different points along the way to introduce related stories.

“Red Riding Hood”  began its online serialization in November of 2010 after several years of sitting on the backburner while I played “artist.”    I laid the groundwork for this story several years ago — resulting in a number of concept illustrations (see the Art section) and the text for Chapter 1.  In the 2010  Nanowrimo, I wrote approximately 35,000 words, and began immediately revising that text and adding in new sections during the formal serialization.  Since starting the story in November 2010, I’ve been posting weekly updates to the story.  It completed serialization in February 2013.

“The Queen of Swans” is the immediate sequel to “Red Riding Hood” and began serializing May 2013.


The stories will update with text installments on a weekly basis with the exception of some holidays and needed breaks :). The current update schedule is Monday nights eastern standard/daily time.

Wattpad Simulcast
I started posting completed chapters on Wattpad a few months back. The online community actually has a different approach to serial fiction and complete fiction and as such, allows this story to reach people through the Wattpad app or through their website. The Wattpad version is largely caught up to this site, but I do post only complete chapters there so that I have a few extra weeks to catch some changes /change my mind xD. It’s my intent to simulcast in that fashion until the first story arc ends.