What to Read

Tale of the Big Bad Wolf is a series of stories.  Initially it was supposed to be both illustrations and prose but trying to produce both on a weekly basis proved challenging. So the primary content is done in writing.

If you are a new reader with just a few minutes of time, I recommend that you read the short story Unicorns Walk Among Us.

If you have a desire for a lengthier read, I’d suggest starting with Book 1: Red Riding Hood.  You can read it free at the link or if you are not fond of webreading, it is also available as an ebook or via the Wattpad app.  Please note that I am still working on drafting a paperback version but am editing and revising the content. (The ebook buyers will get the new,updated version once this work has finished.)

If you’d like to skip to the current serial, you are welcome to start with Book 2, “The Queen of Swans” after reading the Book 1 summary.

Chronologically, this is the order of the stories.

It is likely there will be a Book 3 at some point, with a working title “The Witch of the Sea,” “The Fairy King,”  “The Round Table” or some other frustrating title :p.