Characters – Queen of Swans

Primary Characters

The Queen of Swans. Her court includes
A nameless Knight
Hawk, a humorless guard
Azul, an elf, an illusionist, maybe a wizard
Hahn, a hot-headed ???
Raven, gloomy and morbid
Unnamed halfling.

Her brothers

The Wolfram Clan and Winchester Residents
Maximilian Wolfram, “The Big Bad Wolf” of Legend
Selva, The White Lady (the Countess), and the Wandering Witch of the Wood

Giles– Maximilian’s young cousin and ward.
Gareth– an elf-like wolf cousin from the far West.
Arranz “The Silver Wolf” also from the West.
Marrok and Tala — itinerant elves who pretend to be minstrels while wandering through both human and elven settlements.
Elanore Redley
Edmund Ormond

Supporting Characters
Friar Lorrence
Novice Wyte

Races, Creatures, Fabled Entities
Wind Gods
Other ne’er-do-wells that live west of the Silver Lake
Westland  Elves and their descendants, including Wood, Minstrel, and River Elves:


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  1. I want a picture of Azul…and Conn…and Hahn….and the brothers…and, um, everyone?

    Oh, and a pregnant Selva sitting with Max. Happies.