Red Riding Hood Arc

On a journey north to visit her ailing grandmother, Elanore Redley encounters the reclusive Count Wolfram while fleeing a monstrous pursuer.

As the mysterious Wolfram draws her into his magic-filled world, her childhood friend Edmund must come to terms with his own feelings towards Elanore and his identity as a hunter.

While the world slips into darkness and the threat of monsters looms, Wolfram struggles against a fate that would force him to live out a famous but decidedly unpleasant fairy tale.

“Red Riding Hood” is an introductory book to “Tales of the Big Bad Wolf” — an epic fairy tale world, full of romance, mystery, and self-discovery.

The sequel continues in Volume 2, “The Queen of Swans.”

The links below are for the various installments of the serial that can be read for free. The edited paperback version is available at SparklerDistro. Ebooks are also available there, at Smashwords or  For those with tablets or smart phones, you  may also read the story on your device using the Wattpad app, code 774434.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Enter Red Riding Hood   Part A | B
Chapter 2: The Door of Hazel, The Castle of the Wolf   Part A | B | C
Chapter 3: I is for Interlude   Part A | B
Chapter 4: The Wolf Past I   Part A | B |C | D
Chapter 5: About Elanore   Part A | B | C
Chapter 6: Edmund   Part AB
Chapter 7: The Wolf Past II   Part A | B | C | D | E | F
Chapter 8: In which the Hunters meddle   Part A | B | C
Chapter 9: Red Riding Hood, Red Riding Hood   Part A | B | C
Chapter 10: The Hunter and Red Riding Hood   Part A | B | C
Chapter 11: Inner Circles   Part A | B | C
Chapter 12: Opening Moves   Part A | B
Chapter 13: The Mysterious Estate   Part A | B | C | D | E
Chapter 14: Old Wounds   Part A | B | C
Chapter 15: The Wolf and the Lamb   Part A | B | C | D | E | F
Chapter 16: Reflections   Part A | B | C | D
Chapter 17: A Circle of Light   Part A | B | C | D | E
Chapter 18: Evenfall   Part A | B | C | D
Chapter 19: The Monsters in My Backyard   Part A | B | C | D | E
Chapter 20: Loose Ends   Part A | B | C | D
Chapter 21: Ten Steps Forward   Part A | B | C | D
Chapter 22: Those Minor Details   Part A | B | C | D | E
Chapter 23: The Queen’s Gambit Part A | B
Chapter 24: These Secrets of Yours and Mine Part A | B & C | D
Chapter 25: Within These Walls Part A | B | C
Chapter 26: All Things Must Circle ‘Round Part A | B | C
Chapter 27: Curiosity… Part A | B
Chapter 28: The Wolf Past, Part III, Part A | B |C
Chapter 29: Outside the Circle Part A | B | C | D | E
Chapter 30: The Beginning of the End Part A | B | C | D | E
Chapter 31: Of Wolves, Lions, and Men Part A |B |C | D
Chapter 32: The Light of These Last Days, Part A | B | C
Chapter 33: Monsters in Our Midst, Part A | B
Chapter 34:Sunrise

Random Drabble:

Hastings, Entry 1
Giles, “The Good Mate” Entry 1 | 2 | 3| 4 | 5