Characters – Red Riding Hood

Primary Characters

The Wolf Red Riding Hood The Hunter
“The Wolf”
Maximilian ? Wolfram (the Third)
“Red Riding Hood”
Elanore Redley
“The Hunter”
Edmund Ormond

Supporting Characters

“Grandmother Winchester” (Adele) “Giles”

Other inhabitants/visitors
“Old Gregory”
Guildmaster Wilhelm
Mrs. Reyes (Mrs. Winchester’s neighbor)
Ilva (“The strange lady”)
Mr. Jacob Donovan and Mrs. Donovan (innkeepers)
Novice Wyte
Friar Lorrence
Mr. Smith
Evelyn Winchester
Alistair Winchester
Harriman Winters

The “Two Forks” Elves
Delmari and Delmarin

Races, Creatures, Fabled Entities
Unthings/ Shadow things
Swan Queen

Westland  Elves and their descendants, including Wood, Minstrel, and River Elves:



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  1. Greetings,

    I found your first tale over at wattpad dot com, and consider it one of the best works discovered. I am happy to read that you solved several issues of those 4 year old notes I read, too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    My regards