Welcome to a story of a world where familiar stories are suddenly twisted together  and rewritten.    It is a large world of ‘pretend’, one in which the good, the bad, and possibly the ugly, are not who and what they seem.

Starting today, we begin with the  first real installment in the “Red Riding Hood” arc of the world. (This features the first part of chapter 1.)

The next update will follow in two weeks time (barring requests to update sooner).

Thanks for reading, and please enjoy the experiment. Please click “Chapters” or go here to start reading!

Edit: As the next update is awkwardly short, I will post that smaller bookend to Chapter 1 on the evening of 11.21 (EST) and post a more substantial update (the start of Chapter 2) on 11.28.


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  1. Two weeks? Ebil, ebil person. Two weeks on a cliff hanger.

    Oh well, I found you from mu so i’m used to it. *settles in to wait*

    • Hi Kat! I’d like to go weekly but am not sure what the normal update is for serial novels and am trying to make sure I leave enough lag so I can do some editing and evaluation along the way. I know webcomics usually go one to two times a week, but I’m afraid that kind of schedule will mean you guys catch up to my writing and I’ll have to put things on hold.

      Since the next installment is short, I may put up part two of this chapter next Sunday and then the start of the next chapter on 11.28. 🙂 Depending on the comments received (if any) and how much I get done writing the next fourteen days, I may push for weekly installments through the holidays (and skip drawing)…. whaddya think? let me know! Thanks for the comment too. Glad someone found me through MU!

  2. Most of the webcomics that update twice a week are small, though. The rest i’ve seen hae been ~once a week. If twice a week is what allows to get an archive up without buring out, then do twice a week. If you can push one week, do one. Buffers are good, they let you take a break and us not realize it. So, in other words, I’m not a writer, I can’t say shot about the schedual.

    I’ll just have to wait paitently until the story gets off the ground.

    • Oops, sorry – I meant to ask you more about the web novels you’re following. I saw a few update quite a bit (few times a week) but their installments are short and I like to have more to an update, overall, so will probably stick closer to 1-2 weeks once I feel like I have a new rhythm established.

      Out of curiosity, how do you find fics and all? This is a completely new sandbox (web novels, that is) for me and I’d love any advice on how to promote and network…

      • Ads, mostly. If I see the link in someones sig, I follow it, or if it’stalked about. Then again, I like to rea anything I can get my hands on, so…*shrug* In addition to MU and her other works, there’s addergoole (NOT spelled right,
        i can’t spell) and tales of the gaurdian. Then there’s the mirror verse.

        • I’ll check those other sites out 🙂 It seems like it’s pretty hard to find serial works compared to webcomics… then again, most webcomics have opportunities to promote in conventions and other forums…

  3. I couldn’t help but notice you were discussing the frequency of web novel updates. I update mine once a week, it usually works very well and gives me time to finish illustrations to accompany the chapter. I don’t have much of a buffer, but readers take longer to read a chapter than to read a page of a webcomic, so you can probably even get away with 2-week updates!

    • One of the biggest concerns I have is not updating. I hate to make promises I can’t keep :). Adding illustrations regularly into the mix would definitely be complicated for me… I am a slowbie when it comes to painting, so unless I embrace a different style (more of an ink/sketch style), I don’t think I could manage the work that you do. Wow!

      You make really good points about the relative length /content of a web serial novel vs. a comic, though so I’ll keep thinking through this.

      Right now, though, I am leaning perhaps to a weekly update until January just to help get all three main characters established, although still trying to figure out how/where I’d break sections then. (I almost am afraid of having more Chapter ‘parts’ than necessary xD).

      Thanks so much leaving a comment btw – I’m glad people are finding this site!

      • Don’t worry about parts. Adder breaks it up into ~three parts a chapter.

        Haha, there are so many more commetns here than there are in other other just-starting serials.

        • I think it would drive people nuts if I broke things up into more than that though xD …

          As for the comments, guess we can’t help being chatty >_> <_<

  4. A page of a webcomic is, narratively, equivalent to maybe a couple-hundred words. Plus, depending on the skill of the artist, and the medium they’re using, it may only take an hour or two to produce. A day’s work may therefore be more than enough to produce a week’s worth of content, or even a month’s!

    Writing, on the other hand…

    But I’d recommend you at least post once a week, even if you have to split content up. If you lose the momentum, you’ll lose the readers. Some people have short attention spans, others simply forget. And have you ever tried reading a book and taking a two-week break after every chapter? While reading a variety of other stories too?

    In an ideal world, you’d want to update several times a week, but that would require treating it as a full-time job, and probably making a liveable wage from it too XD

    • alright – think I’ll at least try to post once a week to get this started… Don’t think I can manage several times a week since my life is a bit nuts :)… as for making it a full-time job, yeah – very hard to think of people making a wage off this. Only the most successful webcomics manage to support their creators and it looks like writers don’t even have the traffic or avenues to market their work. (Pretty familiar with webcomics and those folks as I’ve seen a lot of them in various artist alleys at conventions th epast few years.)

      I’m not sure how well/how long updates will be if I eat through my buffer… but I think I’m good for a few months if I can’t get to much writing :o)

      Thanks for leaving the feedback – this is enormously helpful to myself and the other ladies I’ll be collaborating with in the future!