Chapter 9 Update

Interestingly enough, I find Elanore the most difficult character to write in that her thoughts are not always open to me. (*shakes her*)   I suppose that will eventually change, but for now at least we have a little answer to one question that has been dogging us since Chapter One. (That question is “What did her mother give her to carry?”)

Continuing Readers: Chapter 9 rolls along here
New Readers: Start here. Read the notes about the story here.

Now on to some business:

  • Some of you from dA have asked about how to be notified about updates. I have changed some subscribe functions to Feedburner, so if you now click on “Subscribe” at the top of the page, you can use one of the RSS aggregating services OR ask to receive updates via email. It will send you updates when I post notices like this one.
  • I opened a Storenvy shop for the charms. If you want any of the cell phone charms, you can click over to the Store and see what’s there.  I put up a limited number and will likely pull these down mid-May before my next convention.
  • New Art!  Wolfram pin-up 🙂

Creative Wenches ->  Look right. Click. Enjoy. 🙂

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