Chapter 9, Conclusion

Continuing Readers: Chapter 9 — a chapter of answers and more puzzles ends here.  Before you throw creampuffs at me (because I like creampuffs better than eggs), please note that the question most pressing on your mind WILL be answered in the midst of Chapter 10.
New Readers: Start here. Read the notes about the story here.

Business – new and old:

  • New: Wednesday will be “Crack Art Wednesday,” meaning I’ll be posting another doodle from an alternate evil continuity. (I have always wanted to rewrite this as a terrible shoujo manga complete with sparklies and twirling mustaches, and so you will see these doodles from time to time.)
  • Email updates: I’ve changed the subscribe functions to Feedburner, so you can now use RSS or ask to receive updates (of posts like this) via email. Rejoice all ye who hate RSS!
  • Charms: Acrylic cell phone/key-ring charms are up at the Store for a few more weeks and then I will pull them off for Animazement.
  • Wolfram pin-up 🙂  Hopefully he will be joined next by Edmund or Elanore, although I don’t know which one will be first. (I suppose the one people ask for first?)

Creative Wenches ->  Look right. Click. Enjoy. 🙂

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