Chapter 10 continues – Mmhmm!

Continuing Readers: Chapter 10 continues . Will he, won’t he. Will she, won’t she?
New Readers: Start here. Read the notes about the story here.

Random question, which perhaps some of you may be kind enough to answer. Are many of you on Facebook? Asking -Twitter seems kind of cool and all that, but I’m guessing most readers/viewers are not using it 😛


Chapter 10 continues – Mmhmm! — 9 Comments

    • Hm. I’m wondering if it’s used enough by regular readers to merit setting up some kind of fun mini contest through there. Will think on this some more. Thanks for leaving feedback! 🙂

    • Yeah – discovering this may be true for lots of folks! Do you use any social networks and what and how much?

      • Hmm. Not a lot of regulars seem to, so will wait and see if I can find some other ways to do some fun treasure hunts …

        • Wait… TREASURE HUNT!? *feels eight years old again* ohhhh we have to get this to wooooooooooork 😀

          • It seems like folks are spread out in different places so I may try it again later with a slightly better incentive than bookmarks. I’ll wait, however, for all of you to finish up with your studies for the semester first 🙂