Host migration, the brain continues

Moving this content over to a new webhost and hoping it doesn’t break in the process. Apologies as trying to take such an unwieldy wordpress database over has proven that this site is quite bulky and makes me question if I should keep the first book online! (It really is a huge burden as it has to be done manually.)

I am mulling many things and I think the best way forward is to jump into Book 3 as Queen of Swans was largely done except for the last cliffhanger needing a bit more explanation to all of you. It is likely I’ll begin/continue mostly with sketching and drafting ideas before I can begin laying down my outline. In sum, we will begin with the elves who hold a much deeper understanding of what sort of world this literary hell is xD.

Yes, maybe sassy elf time.


Host migration, the brain continues — 2 Comments

  1. Loved this series as a kid and hope to see the second book published soon!! And looking forward to book 3 starting!! Also would love a pin or card merch with some of the art from the first book!!

    • Hi Emmy – Thank you for dropping a note! Bringing 2nd book to closure depends largely on what I want to explore for a follow-up ; editing is unlikely to start for a 2nd volume until I really work the 3rd. All that to say – I hope you are ok reading on the web site for now until I figure out what the future is for this series and my writing 🙂 I only have charms from the first book still and if you are interested, let me know if I can reach out to you with the pictures. I removed them from Etsy but can reinstate or use ko-fi if you end up being interested 🙂

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