Chapter 2, Part A: Notes on the Garden, Lord Azul, and other past references

The tree

During my break, I traipsed around quite a few gardens. One surprising discovery was the baldcypress tree. This charming tree is native to my part of the country I live in. If you look carefully around the tree, you will find its “knees” which are part of the root system of this strange tree. I remember taking this shot and envisioning little fairies perching on the tree’s knees and having a great time chattering there. There is one such tree near Elisa’s cottage. The other is an apple tree.


Lord Azul

This chapter also marks the unexpected introduction of the third of the Queen’s guards. Lord Azul was not supposed to appear but he does not particularly like the Knight or allowing that man to be alone with his sainted Queen. And so he appeared to spoil the fun.

I don’t have the man’s image firmly fixed in my mind as of yet, but here are some attempts at his hair.



The unicorns and other references

  • Likely Elisa’s memories are of the child from “Unicorns Walk Among Us.
  • The title of this chapter is a reference to a lesser known fairy tale from Hans Christen Andersen 😀