Chapter 31 Illo

Wow, haven’t done anything close to being a chapter illustration in a long time! Thought I would since poor Edmund hasn’t had a proper picture of him up here in a while. I’ve been struggling with his hair and have a few versions of the short cut out there. But I like this. It’s kind of got the mop feel to it, but I think it’s also cute. :p



Chapter 31 Illo — 2 Comments

  1. I like Edmund and Elanora (though their clothes don’t look old-fashioned enough for me ;)), but I think you have to practise a bit more on the lions 🙂 Still, I do like your evolving art more than most of what I’ve seen as guest strips, to be honest. They are fn, but somehow hardly ever fit to the story for me. (That up there is supposed to read ‘fun’, but for some reason I can never go back a line to edit something -.-)

    • The lion is very cartoony, I know. I have done more realistic versions but need more time to finish these out …

      I haven’t really decided whether to be strict about clothing in the Edwardian/Victorian sense. It’s important that the technology/era derives from what we would consider late 1800s early 1900s, but it isn’t the same time continuity as our own. The reason why is something I can’t go into until I deal with the Swan Queen in another book…