Incentive – Chibi time!

This week I have two sets of “super deformed cute style” or what we anime/manga fans called “chibis.”

Both artists were given the same commission information and sample images to work with. One ran with the grrr format, and the other with an aww cute, little kid style.



Incentive – Chibi time! — 4 Comments

  1. Like the one at the top better ^^ Probably because it at least depicts the Count as an ‘angry kid’ – I just can’t get my brain around a cute version of him … that’s not him!

    • Hehe. I think he’s cute when he was younger though… but yeah, he’s generally more irritable all around while the other two are generally happy and less damaged xD

      • That’s probably true, he seemed quite carefree when he was still young. But then, when he was young, the other two were not even born – so the picture is a bit, hm, anachronistic? Not that it matters at all ^^

        • Hehe. Chibis I think of as being in a universe of their own. I’ve always wanted to do a comic strip alternate universe with the small versions of these characters. It would involve a lot of playground fighting.