Commissioned work-Elanore

A commissioned work from Flagstudios’ Daxiong. (

I usually give minimal instruction when asking commissions. After all, beyond the brown haired girl with a red hood thing, I really wanted to just see what the artist would do with what little info I gave.
All he asked after I gave him a few descriptors and a request for him to “go nuts” was how old she was. xD. Lovely result regardless of my lame-o instruction.



Commissioned work-Elanore — 4 Comments

  1. Really a very nice picture or Elanore. I think it looks just like her. But the black hair doesn’t really work for me. But still very good!

    • I think the scan doesn’t show the brown marker all that well. It’s there but overwhelmed in the scan by the ink. The artist tends to use a brush ink style and he may have gone heavy in the hair . Since the technique is to color after the inks are put down it does mean that color Is completely drowned out .

      But I do love the composition of the piece and her slight sadness.

      Wondered if that was intentional or not as other artists have generally made her happy!