Run for your lives.

A very different sort of illustration from what we’re used to from artist Sunny Lee (

I went around Dragoncon looking at different artists and immediately was struck with how clean his pencil work is. As a terribly messy sketcher, I was intrigued.

I decided to ask him to draw the Count, because he draws from the superhero genre. In other words — he offers a very male perspective on what should be a manly character.Most of the time I suspect comic artists at conventions get requests to do superhero stuff. So I bet this was an interesting exercise for him as I provided very little guidance other than “kind of wolfy”, “kind of Victorian,” and explained that the Count had a medium build (like Gambit of the X-Men.)

I like to think of this as “The Count when his life was really really bad. As in, he killed and ate people all the time.”




Run for your lives. — 5 Comments

  1. Uh! Weeeell …
    *takes to her heels and runs*

    Surely manly, that guy. But I am missing the dark hair. Was it ever explicitly written somewhere that his hair is dark, or did that just come from my imagination / your scetches?

    But yes, this is fine art! (though not MY Count *g*)

    • It was stated probably very early on and only a handful of times. I’m kind of the camp that hates to write lots of descriptions of manly thighs and beautiful flowing locks. (It makes me think of those romance novels my friend used to hide at school…) But I do think people have forgotten because I tend to understate it.

      His physical attributes pretty much are tall, medium build, long black hair, and grey eyes. If one were to best describe him it would be “what would a black wolf look like as a human?” 😀

      Out of curiosity, if you were to pick an actor who you think best matches your idea of the count (or a drawing/character), who would that be?

      • Um … your Wolfram pinup drawing? *ggg* Although he looks too, well, nice there. But it very much influenced what I imagine him like. I have a picture in my head, and I wish I could draw it. But I will keep an eye open when going through pictures on the internet next time.
        As for actors, there’s hardly any actors I can remember, so it’s hard to pick one. Usually I would pick Johnny Depp for any role, but I think his way of moving and giving every character a slightly befuddled touch doesn’t fit my image of the Count.

        • OK, now I found this guy:

          Not watching stuff like ER, I did not know him so far; but looking especially at pictures 39 and 55 in that album, I think he might be able to fill the part. However, I know nothing about his acting, so I can not say for sure. But it looks like he’s been playing already all kinds of roles.
          Plus, in some of the other pictures, he looks quite hot to me *rawr*

          • Oh, I loved that actor back in the day when I was still sort of following the ER stuff. And image 39 is PRETTY GOOD. I think that’s kind of the look one wants for a semi-scary dude. hehe.