Snow Queen

Something playing around with. 🙂



Snow Queen — 2 Comments

  1. *feeling ccccccold*
    But still, like the lady. Not so much the crown, somehow … to me that looks a bit like a child drawing something additional onto a picture … the lines are too thick maybe, everything else looks somehow more delicate. However, this is of course just my point of view 😉 Others might like just that.

  2. This pic reminds me of a gently falling snow. More of a snow princess or the Snow Queen when she was young and not yet the queen. It’s really well done, especially the eyes. However, my own vision of the Snow Queen is more severe – incredibly beautiful, regal and powerful but COLD, more like a tall mountain peak, or a blizzard. Must come from the fairy tale of the Snow Queen I liked as a child.

    Thanks for the pic! It’s always fun to see how different people see things.