Chapter 7, Part B: The Wolf Past, Part 2


If the first seven or so years of young Maximilian’s life had been one of caution and relative quiet, then the next seven were marked by a comical loudness.  The Countess had passed away some time before Maximilian had been born and, with no lady at home, his six uncles had forgotten to pay much attention to schedules, manners, or food.  They were boisterous men who, unlike his father, did not truly believe much in being cautious or quiet about anything.  They were men who stomped about the great northern outdoors and who were as comfortable sleeping in a tree as they were on the floors of the drafty buildings that the elder Count had built to house his only daughter-in-law and her child.  With such a group as this, the home was marvelously chaotic.

Although his parents did fear for his safety, his uncles would not permit the boy to sit indoors.  Like a young duckling, the boy Maximilian learned to follow after his uncles and grandfather (lest he be dragged out anyways and tossed into a nearby stream).  The Wolframs were not afraid of the land or of unknown monsters or things.  They loved everything about it, and worshiped the elves, who had come to the Northlands long before them and had so much wisdom to offer.

The elven minstrels sang that the elves had come upon golden ships, landing on the sands far west of where Winchester was today.  Their princes founded the Golden City and their people began to move east to explore, settling in the various habitats on the Northlands.  Unlike their minstrel cousins, the elves that would become known as Wood elves did not wander the Lands.  They settled south of the Silver Lake, wisely avoiding provoking the Dragons that the more aggressive Ice elves regularly battled to the north. This occurred long before humans first appeared on the peninsula.

It was a strange thing to grow up amongst the Wolves of the Northlands and the elves.  Only the presence of his mother perhaps ensured that Maximilian did not become a wild child sleeping in a tree.  As for the lady, she did what she could to turn the drafty home into a more habitable and warm place which eventually even the elves were willing to frequent.

And so it came to pass that these elves would often bring with them stories and books that helped shape Maximilian as he grew from a young boy into a teenager. They were curious about this strange “human” family, and the boy that had been healed by their own kind.    Max endured everything this cabal of elves and humans threw at him, hearing their warnings that one day the family would no longer be around to fend for Maximilian should whoever or whatever had previously captured him ever return for him.

With his beloved uncles scattering as they married fair elven lasses and establishing homes deeper within the Northlands, the home became quieter.  His grandfather turned his full attention to tutoring him, preparing for the one day that he would inherit the modest estate and hold the land in trust for the descendents to come.  His grandfather warned him that the elves were essential to maintaining the stability of the Northlands.

And so, he followed the young elves from a nearby settlement all around the hidden paths in the woods, gleaning what he could from their patient and constant guidance.

Maximilian grew up not knowing much about interactions with humans, save those that were close to him by blood.  But there was no reason, at this time, to worry as such.  Humans had not yet come this far inland.

As for the incident that had pushed his family north, it became a memory that faded, as did the scars on his back.  The boy became a man, with no hint of the threat that had grabbed hold once of him before.   Increasingly, they all put their confidence in the elves’ knowledge and power as well as the Wolfram lineage – in which was mingled the blood of humans, elves, and the old families that had settled this world.

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Chapter 7, Part B: The Wolf Past, Part 2 — 18 Comments

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      • Bahahaha reading > superbowl, any day!
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        • D: You can’t sit a whole week. Bathroom and food, you know… kind of important! (But glad you’re enjoying it!)

  1. I’m not watching either! lol
    been reading a while now my first time commenting though :3 I really love this so far 😀 <3

    • Oh good. I hear we’re not missing much. I’ve been getting updates from everyone else on twitter who is. xD

    • Haha! Well, I enjoyed writing it. Hastings probably is one of my favorite characters for being deliciously sniffly and snarky.

        • They really want to show up more often, but they have a tendency to hijack the narrative. I really do like writing characters in some sort of comedic sparring that results in temper tantrums though.

  2. I just quite literally tripped over this wonderful story. Please, for the love of plot, keep sharing it with us. I write with friends and as such, have to ask (and hopefully I’m not overstepping a boundary somewhere) if readers are able (allowed) to point out spelling errors? I’ve run into a couple and am curious to know if I’ll get my hands smacked for saying something.

    • No – these kinds of edits/comments are pretty helpful to me. (This last part was so late that I didn’t get to run it by my beta-readers at all and I’m pretty sure I may have missed something.) Please feel free to flag what you see. Folks have been either pointing them out at the bottom of the page implicated or emailing… whatever’s easier!

      Glad you are enjoying the story, though! I appreciate the comments as well . If it’s not too much to ask — do you recall how you came across the story? I just dropped a new campaign out there on Project Wonderful and am curious to see where people are coming from. Thanks!

      • I think it was a link from a comic I already read, though I can’t remember which comic it was

  3. Elves – Golden ships- out of the west?? Coming dangerously close to stepping into Lord of The Rings territory aren’t you??

    & why do I get the feeling that that pie was laced with wolfbane or helbore??

    • Good lord. I have no intention of bringing Tolkien into this or trying to borrow from his concept around elves. I do recognize though that by throwing in elves, the questions/comparisons are going to happen regardless as most modern fantasy version of elves can not help be compared to what he put together.

      Some elves have a story as to how they arrived, but I have to warn you all that stories are sometimes only stories and that these origin stories will vary by region or by ‘ethnic group’ (e.g., wood vs. minstrels vs. fire vs. ice elves vs. ? elves). Be careful in accepting what people “say” in this series as truth until it’s really verified by say someone who is more likely to be an authority. That may be an elf, or someone who has lived longer than most of them.

      As a geographical note, the Northernlands are bound by water on three sides. All races had to come to this place either by sea or from the South. I haven’t yet drawn out the larger map that starts to show you the larger world, but keep in mind that the Northlands is a convergence point or meeting grounds between man and elves .

      Oh – the pie was not laced with anything bad :). No psychotropic drugs or poisons. The Count is just having a bad flashback xD

      • I’m new!!!
        But I have read all I can so far, and I am loving this comic! I can’t wait for more!! I especially love the characters, I can’t even choose which character I like best. But I will say Hastings and Giles are hilarious!
        I’ve got to say you’ve got me very very interested in this story!
        Write on!! (Or type on, whichever comes first)

        • Hi there, comment ninja! I’m glad you are enjoying the story and even Hastings’ sarcasm (and Giles’ obvious pranks). Thanks for delurking! Comments like yours help encourage me to make each weekly deadline 😀