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Please leave your questions below. He will answer one per person a day until he gets mad and burns this page down πŸ™‚ (In other words, you can leave as many questions as you want, but he will make you wait a day until he responds xD).




The Count Will See You Now — 58 Comments

  1. Terrina asked: Max…..What’s your favorite memory of your long life time?

    My favorite memories usually involve my grandfather. He would hop around in a passably bad imitation of dancing. My uncles would then try to do impersonations of his dancing, much to my mother’s amusement.

    I also loved listening to the elves sing on a starry evening. Their voices were far better than anything the Wolframs could manage.

  2. Ooo still just me huh. Shame…*smirks* Have there been any other love interests in your life other than Selva?

    • Hmmm. (*Stalling for as long as possible*) I generally don’t think any of those women qualify as love interests.

  3. πŸ™‚ Interesting. And still only me here. Not complaining mind you. You always give off an air of sophistication and refinement. But in secret, other than with the ladies, do you ever just let loose and act …well goofy or playful, say like a pup?

    • Most definitely not. Giles does all the playing on behalf of everyone in the household.

      Selva…she plays. Once she rearranged all of my books. I was not amused.

  4. Still only me huh? Shame…its a rare treat to get to talk with Maxilian like this.

    Next Question……..Other than being useful and well annoying to you at times I’m sure, are you happy to see the stone lions up and moving and talking again like when you were little?

    • The lions didn’t actually move when I was young. But they did talk. For a while I thought I might be crazy when I heard their voices, but Grandfather assured me I was not.

      I’m relieved they are awake for many reasons — namely that they are the closest things to the elves that are left to us now.

  5. Assuming that the darkness is defeated with everyone under your care unharmed. What are your hopes for their futures??

    • *long pause* Admittedly I haven’t thought that far yet. (Author: You stumped him. Super huge character flaw on his part.)

  6. Ahw…I’m not the only one anymore lol. Hmmm…..If I am correct in presuming this, and correct me if I’m not. Humans and elves marry into your wolf clans? Especially if any are like Giles. Are there many pure blood in your race left?

    • The first of the animals to try to become like the two-footed ones were the bears. The wolves were not the first or last to learn how to change. And then they married the others.

      During the last eclipse, a great many of those originally descended from the changelings died out. Our line, our clan, is one of the few left from those who changed.

      In our clan, there is no one pure.

  7. It seems that you have a very large library. What would you say is your favorite book from your current collection and are you interested in adding to it?

    • I tend to read more out of duty rather than interest. (Selva likes to read because she is naturally curious about folklore and stories.) The most important books in my collection are from the elves because they detail history that reaches further back towards the beginning of the modern era.

  8. Good morning, Count. I was brushing up on some old mythos in my own library and got to thinking. Have you have ever come across or heard of any cat or bird clans that had followed to become human or human-like?

    • I’m very interested in what you have in your own library. (In particular if it’s something rare, do you have an agent to whom I can inquire as to whether it is for sale?)

      There are no bird clans in the way there was a bear clan and is a wolf clan. I suspect it has to do with their unwillingness to give up flight and some of the difficulties transforming properly. Rather their interests have been served by a champion — the Swan Queen who is /was full human.

      Cats… Do you mean like the housecat? Or do you mean lions?

      • Sorry for so late a reply. My little connection had been cut out. For the first part, the agent I got the book from closed shop completely. The books I was looking through went under the titles Monsters by Greer, The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Myths (Eastern to Western) by Cotterell and Storm, Mythical Monsters by Gould, and American Indian Myths and Legends by Erdoes and Ortiz. (Yes, I read entirely too much.) As for the last question, generally the ones unsuitable for domestication although there were a couple interesting myths about the domesticated cat becoming human as well.

        • These are books I am not familiar with. However, it is something I shall inquire about when I am able to make contact with some of the agents to the south. You do live in the south or east, I presume?

          As for your question about the clans, there were rumors of lions who walked at one point. They were too strong, and eventually warred with one of the other races.

          I suspect the lions that the elves fashioned as guardians has some root in that myth.

          • You presume correctly. Thank you for your time, good sir. I’ll continue to read the accounts thus far and leave you to the others vying for your attention.

            • It was a pleasure having this conversation. If you have other books that you run across in a similar vein as the ones you mentioned, please write.

  9. Afternoon Count. In knowing Selva and getting to know the girl with the red cloak. What similarities do you find appealing in them both…if any.

    • (Editor: I believe the gentleman is trying to avoid answering your question.)

      I believe that in general most creatures of the fairer sex are far more prone to fits of compassion than I. I suspect both are quite soft-hearted, although I do believe that my lady is still quite capable of defending herself. I cannot be sure about the young Miss Redley. I believe her betrothed will have his hands full with her. She strikes me as the type of creature who would bring a wild creature into the house. ( In fact, she pressed that point and I indulged her by allowing the lions inside the house!)

      What other commonalities they share, I’m not sure. Selva seems to like the girl a lot and she would probably be better prepared to draw a comparison between herself and the young woman.

      As for the turn of phrase you used to ask this question, I suspect you want to know what I find attractive about women? I love long hair. And, like many wolves, I first notice the way a woman smells.

    • I own a large collection of stringed things which my uncles and grandfather left aside. My mother did play the spinet and it sits unused. I have never played anything. Instead I have Giles to torment me with his lute playing. He is passable as a musician and I believe has picked up instruments here and there, but his repertoire is limited to the mundane sorts of music that appeals to women. (He may have learned more while with Marrok and his wife, but I do not know.)

      I do think Hastings plays the spinet at a basic level.

      Selva sings. Mostly songs of nonsense, but I humor her by listening to them.

  10. Count Wolfram, why are you answering our questions? Also, do you have any babies planned for the future with Selva?

    • I’ve been forced to do this by someone. It is part of my rehabilitation into society.

      As for children, Selva will not be fully recognized without them. Yes. Children are planned.

    • That will be entirely left up to Selva. (But I do not wish to compete with Marrok. They have children every other year it seems like.)

  11. *scowls* Why was I lead into this sanctuary only now? Fate seems to be conspiring against me recently! But now that I have found this … *clears her throat* Most esteemed Count, thank you for the patience with which you are answering all our questions, be it out of free will or not. My question is: It seems there is at least one book you have read quite often – the one with the fairy tales of which some may be true. Which is your favorite tale in there, and why?

    • This is hardly a sanctuary. I think we have a regular fete here with so many people gathering.

      As for the tale I enjoy the most, whether true or not, is the story of the Three Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. My grandfather’s rendition of it is pretty entertaining, including the part where the Wolf got his revenge, ate the pigs roasted, fried, and barbequed.

  12. M’lord, Do you think you and Edmond will ever become more than just…civil with each other?

    • Now my dear, what are you trying to imply? I have no romantic interest in the boy.

      • Of course, it would be interesting to see Elanore get creative with retaliation πŸ˜‰

        • I do wonder what you are thinking of. And yet, I’m not sure it’s good to discuss these things in case someone impressionable might be listening.

  13. Hi Count! Can you tell us by what means the wolf clan survived the last eclipse, and on a side note, how long ago did you last see Marrok (ie. before this year) and how did you stay up-to-date on clan affairs?

    • Those who survived were either lucky enough to be far beyond the woods or under the protection of those who knew better. Selva’s village used to be in the center of an area that the dragons felt they owned. None of the wood creatures would normally venture there. That said, the dragons went quiet since that time — and I cannot say why. I don’t know.

      My grandfather was fortunate to be with the elves on his own journey during that time.

      As for the second question, I will answer it although it bends a rules to do so. Marrok is a regular visitor. Of the various families he moves the most around and has the best knowledge. If I am lucky, he will sometimes come with a smaller group this way every year or other year. Giles has been a useful messenger though and has functioned largely to see to it that I stay informed on various things.

      However, as of late, the southern group is not in touch. They have grown quite soft and are not too interested in our customs. They still hold their promise, though, in caring for the families that have long worked for us. Hastings is still in occasional contact with them, and may be more so once we are beyond this eclipse.

  14. M’lord. I was not trying to imply that you had a romantic interest in Edmond. Though I will admit I had hoped for awhile there was one in Elanore. I was just curious if the two of you, Edmond that is, might actually become…friends. But feel free to answer the part about Elanore if you chose.

    • I do not know about friendship. I would say I have few friends but they are close ones.

      As for the girl, she is passable enough, but had no interest.

        • I do not think you can eat them. You have no stomach. A name, or I shall rename you with such a horrendous label that the others will laugh at you. Something like Heffalumpagus.

          • Aww. But I could pretend to eat them and it would be most amusing to see their reactions…

            And I am not a Heffalump! I am a Lion, and I am called Bors. It is a very nice name, though I do not appreciate being called Boring Bors any more than I appreciate being mistaken for a Heffalump.

            • I do not think it’s a good idea to gnaw on passersby. I do not want a town mob waiting at the gate to lynch us. As for being boring, I do not think of any of the lions are boring. Just very energetic. *grumble*

              (Editor note: Lion-lion is one of the Creative Wenches and I suspect will play with anyone who offers it something shiny.)

  15. I know that at that beginning it was you and Giles and the servants, to overflowing with people and lions. Will you miss them all, to some degree when they depart after the darkness is defeated? (has faith that you will win)

    • To be honest, I think this is going better than I had expected. It hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be having people here. And I’ve slept better as of late.

      But it may be because I have others here who are helping keep things fairly ordered. If, for example, there was no Marrok things might be fairly irritating.

      I will have to ponder this some more.


  17. I should write my questions down when I think of them. I come to join the group again and sit here struggling with what it was. So if I look dumbfounded or awe struck for a bit….Take it as the 2nd one please.

    You’ve stayed apart from the town for so long, and every one is getting along relatively well for the most part now, with the thanks of Marrok and yourself, do you think once this is all over, you’ll interact with the towns people more often?

    • It is likely going to be necessary to interact more, although, my priority is first dealing with matters at home. While things at this very moment seem fine I cannot predict how it might be tomorrow or the next season or in the years to come.

  18. A day without a question. The count will either be annoyed for waiting or relieved for a day off. Everyone has a favorite possession that they cherish more than all the others. What is yours might I ask, m’lord.

    • I do not know if there is one item I cherish the most. I deeply value what my grandfather left me. My father’s sword I hold in high regard, for it has a great deal of power because he wielded it.

      But cherished.. my mother’s ring. I keep it close.

      • But what about the cane?
        *still having a slight hickup from all the giggling about the pigs*

        • It is valued and important to me, certainly. However, it is one of many items I value.

          As for the pigs, my grandfather was the one who told me that version of the story. He commissioned a number of strange paintings featuring stuffed pigs on dinner tables. (In fact, you can see one in my study.)

    • Bors unfortunately has seemed to fall asleep. *brandishes cane at lion* . We will have to ask him another time.