Commissioned Art and Authorial Notes on Chapter 9, Part B

First a smexy guest art from .

I found her through Artists n’ Clients and liked what she was doing with the classic anime RPG look. Poor Edmund eventually will wander off on a quest and so I asked for something that would work for the guy in terms of his attire. I think it would be amusing if I now went to find find a male artist and ask the same exact thing. I wonder if Edmund would end up with far more places to attach weapons xD.


So this week was a philosophical doozy. More or less the same arguments/thoughts exist in Wolfram land and came through in the first book. The elves are the likely origin of this idea that “stories are true accounts of reality”. But the idea that they are prescribed events is one that allows little flexibility to live freely (aka Team Moirae). It also has rather negative consequences (if true) for Elisa.

The reincarnation/all stories are true/ all stories lead to some eventual truth/ is one offshoot or variation of the above idea. In that sense Rene’s ideology doesn’t afford much comfort either!

There are probably more evolutions of this idea. For example, Wolfram had heard something a little different from his own grandfather regarding what stories might be. He was presented with the idea that stories could be true accounts of the past, present, or the future. But he discounted the idea that all stories were equal.

But really? After all this headaching about such fairy tales and the ramifications of their existence, I’m with the kid. I’ll ignore books and take the cookies. CHOMPCHOMPCHOMP.

I really enjoyed talking about the awesomely huge library. I am a monster fan of museums, libraries, and architecture. But beyond that there are some similarities between this tower of knowledge and something else we have heard talked about in Book One. Hrm. :3

Free to discuss here (less spoilery) if you wish.

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