Random Incentives – Swan Knight and Lego Tales

The request to artist Sol Niger/Liz Tecca was very brief. “Swan Knight: white hair, old man with a younger look, classic knight drawn from the mythology.”

The classic Swan Knight story has been told primarily by two different creators — including a man by name of “Wolfram” (hehe) and by Wagner in Lohengrin. For those who didn’t read last week’s installment and then go do the research, the Swan Knight is summoned to help a Princess Elsa as she is wrongfully accused of some crime.  His origin has some (potential) ties to the Arthurian /Holy Grail mythos although I’m not an Arthur-scholar so can’t tell you much more than that. It’s not a terribly good ending  for him or Elsa.




And some randomness.. five main characters from this sandbox in Lego form, including Elanore, Edmund (sporting new spiffy clothes and hat), Count, Selva/Ilva, and our dashing Queen Elisa. Searching for elf parts to assemble Azul and then old wizard parts to make our Swan Knight next xD


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