Incentive – Psyche Cupid

I’ve said before that the model for the relationship between Max and Selva was a beauty/beast tale. However aside from the monster that lurked within him, Wolfram’s main issues were psychological ¬†– largely due to years of torment by the Sea Witch.

At times I really want to write out their story as a separate ¬†novella but if you understand how the lovers Cupid and Psyche interacted, I think there’s very little that can be rewritten in lengthier format that would be SAFE FOR POSTING. ¬† (After all, Cupid mostly visited Psyche in the dark. ha!) I’m still mulling how to avoid dealing with a very amorous Wolf :[. Maybe the best thing is to write it in a first person version. Hm.

I wonder what they’re talking about below though. INSERT YOUR CAPTIONS IF YOU WISH.


Selva and Maximilian Wolfram