Incentive – The Wolframs

There is only so long you can go without naming secondary characters before you start to actually end up in conniptions trying to avoid having to call them out by name.  (If you don’t intend to use them further you can try to keep them in the background. However, this has turned out to be both challenging and a problem. )



Tala, Marrok, The Silver Wolf, Gareth


I’m not always sure about Tala and Marrok. To be honest, Tala changes around for me a lot every time I draw her. At times I think I would like her to be less like I have scribbled here (young and freckly) to something more like Maureen O’Hara in well… any movie you see her in.  (I’ll have to see what happens when I paint her. She may end up being more of a fiery red-head rather than a pixie-ish one.)

Marrok is older, greyer, and a bit shaggy compared to his more princely cousin, Maximilian.  His hair always looks dangerously close to some get-up from the 70s (or just long and Desmond-like from LOST).

The Silver Wolf has a terrible cowlick but is pretty old. There’s nothing pretty about him at all.  He is a good old traditional wolf soul. And then there’s the unreliable Gareth.  He has a bit of odd blood in him too, it would seem.

The problem sometimes with making sketches for characters is then you feel obliged to use them more. Gareth already has promised to cause some trouble.