Chapter 18, Part E: A Clear Dawn (conc.)


While the Wolfram estate was preoccupied with the arrival of the three new heirs, they did not pay heed to the breezes floating about the hallways and through windows.

They wandered freely, tracing faces and gathering words that would be of interest to their master.

The West Wind loitered high above, his eyes focused far and wide along this former elven highway. There was little to discover in the land east of the Silver River. The occasional outposts were ravaged by winter and mostly empty of inhabitants. The large towns were in the final throes of death.

But there was a rose among thorns. West grinned as the small winds joined up with him. They whispered of what they found.

According to them, his brother’s children lingered here, guarding a room inside this place which the others could not enter. And the halfling who sat in front was the very same that the Queen of Swans desired to find.

West descended to the window where his servants circled about. He floated invisibly above the statues and brushed up against the glass to verify what they said for himself.

Indeed, he could see the magic radiating about the wolf but it did not appear that he commanded the small winds that frenzied about protecting the door.

“Hello!” One stone guardian moved suddenly. It raised its eyes skyward, to where West floated. “What do you want?” it asked loudly, causing the wolf inside to cast a suspicious glance his way.

West grimaced and removed himself to a tree. The foliage would mask his presence, or so he thought. But as several lions appeared at the base of the tree and began to pile up on one another, he was not so certain of his disguise.

With a howling gust, he sent a few tumbling and prepared for the worst.

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