What troubles you…

During normal times, Elisa has her hands full with listening to the fairies troubles. This one probably is quite excited about finding a crop of berries. o-o

Other reflections on this chapter follow the image.


A few funny notes that may qualify as “TMI.”

  • It seems that “Conn” is a poor child’s way of saying (uni)CORN.
  • If you read “Unicorns Walk Among Us” , the boy unicorn Elisa mentions is not the same child as in that story. (The incidents within the short story and this volume of “Tales”  occur hundreds of years apart.)
  • Elisa never knew where the unicorns would come and go from.  Selva somewhat did. She hinted to Edmund much earlier in this book that their kind would always know the way to the garden.  However, she never used the term “fairy roads.” That’s an elvish custom… or perhaps one of very superstitious sorts who are sensitive to fairy magic (and wary of it).  Look it up though! They’re  kind of neato things.
  • The end of this chapter occurs near simultaneously as the end of the last (whereby mischievous wind was stalking a wolf).
  • The seers likely mean the “Unthings” when they say Maeve has been done in. Yep — mess with the world’s chessboard, and it messes back! (Maeve’s scheming became too grand, I’m afraid.)
  • Elisa– what’s up with her wardrobe change? Haha, Azul wants to know too.  I’m sure he’ll find a way to find out >_>.