Incentive: Author thoughts and doodles – Young Elisa

I suppose you could say the muses or the gut instinct just didn’t want to play nicely with me this week :).

I had started to write an Elisa chapter this week — or rather one that focused on her camp, her court and not that of our friend, Wolfram. However, listening to this song this week, I decided to break with the pattern some of you started to expect.

Elanore’s influence on Edmund is immense — but what exactly she said to the young man I won’t reveal for now :).

Oddly enough, I was intending to paint you a picture of the fairy tale woods that envelop the Wolframs’ estate  but Elisa came to mind instead — a younger Elisa, before she was dragged away against her wishes by an interfering prince.  This is the Elisa that most of you will find when you read the variations of Wild Swans (Six Swans, Twelve Swans, Seven Ravens, etc.)… an innocent still.


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