December plans- AUSOS

This Sunday’s (12/5/10) update will feature two parts, in order to help get us through Chapter 2. In writing (with a buffer) I’ve been sitting here going crazy as I would very much like to get the last major character introduced to you all this month. And so I’ve decided to push a little bit faster (yet again)…

In other thoughts, I’ve been seriously considering how (with a more frequent update) to get illustrations in. I”d like to do one per week or, in the worst case scenario, one per chapter. This does mean going back to pencil/ink type illustrations and not the painted ones that are archived on this site. Hopefully most of you will enjoy or at the minimum, forgive the experiment in advance. Exactly when the first new illustration comes out, I’m not quite sure. (Before or on Sunday, I believe.) Moving forward, though, I’m curious if there are any strong opinions on whether the illustration should come “with” the chapter. My thought might be to release them “early” if they’re not spoilerish… thought it would be a nice gift (or nuisance) to provide to the more routine visitors.

AND. The real reason for this mid-week post. The mysterious “Creative Wenches” link on the right side refers to a collective. I’m glad to be able to share that another project has launched! I’ve been reading TE Waters for a while (under another pseudonym) and enjoy the writing and the elaborate worldbuilding that characterizes author Waters’ stories. Memory of AUSOS is something that I hope you’ll all check out. Please check out the story and the scribbles I’ve provided for that project 🙂 . And leave the author there some bunny love <3

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