Update 12.05.2010: A Meditative Maze

I think two installments and two illustrations is a bit insane. xD.  I’m not going to do that again I think… coupled with a few half-dozen rewrites this has been a caffeine-filled and stressful week.   The two illustrations posted this week are fluid, meaning I may replace them or update them in the future, particularly since it was only this morning that I realized I had illustrated the NEXT section by accident  instead of Part C of Chapter 2 and put something together using a different process…

Next week, FINALLY, the third major character gets a name. For now, you can read starting here.   For those who haven’t paid attention to the other content areas, my suggestion is you start looking.  This is not a straightforward fairy tale – those who know me know I like my multiple genres.  Be careful to not assume too much :3

And yes, another button on the right side to poke at repeatedly!  “Memory of AUSOS” started last Wednesday.  “Suzy’s Box” starts Dec 15!

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