Art Wednesday

No preview image for the next fiction installment (although I hope to have it ready by Sunday to accompany the post.)   Instead, here is where the bookmark/scroll design is going….  Admittedly, I think I went kind of overboard for a new bookmark (heh).  Anyways, it’s interesting working on this as the design for Edmund has changed the most since I first started drawing out this world a few years ago.  As a result, I don’t have his look/feel completely under my fingers and he’s taken quite a bit of plastic surgery the past few days to try to get him closer to how I feel he looks in pencils.   I hope to finish this up in a week or two.   Click the thumb to preview the WIP!


And now (since I continued to be locked up at home thanks to the snow/ice storm) I’m off to read Memory of AUSOS!

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