Chapter 5, Part B continued…

The wolf bares his fangs… if only for a moment.

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Other updates:

  • CW member EKGonzales has begun posting her fantasy/sci-fi work, Activated.  Please check it out!
  • In a few weeks, I should be receiving charms with this design . These are suitable for dangling off a cell phone or other things that dangle stuff.  Once the first batch is received, I’ll post some photos.  Let me know if there’s any interest in purchasing these before I run off with the inventory to Momocon 🙂
  • Working on a bookmark/scroll design still.  Will post an in progress shot Wednesday, if not sooner.


Chapter 5, Part B continued… — 4 Comments

  1. Oh dear, I happen to have reverted into being a n00b and have yet to figure out how to post in the comments section in your chapters. As you see, I had to pause from reading and login to this dusty old account, as it has been ages since I’d used it, simply to comment on how wonderfully you have rewritten and twisted your elements into this fairytale.

    You’ve created personable characters so the plot leaves me curious yet worried while laughing with the humour laced into the web so as to keep the mood light enough rather than leaving your readers despairing all the while. Thank you ThePuppetMaster (and pardon for this comment appearing rather out of nowhere)!

    • Aw, you could definitely always post with a new account. THe authentication on my side is simply just to keep spambots from going crazy! I’m glad you are enjoying the story so far. Still working through your comments from the last few days. Man you are catching up fast!