Update: Chapter 6, Part A: Edmund

With this chapter, Edmund brings us into the world of the Hunters and begins to uncover other mysteries.  Given the dizzying geographic lesson that starts this chapter, this week’s official beta reader suggested that you might benefit from a map as a reference .

Special thanks to CSKay of Suzy’s Box for helping with the proofing of this installment, as well as pointing out some of the errors with previous installments. Any errors you find are solely mine (as I tweaked this again this morning xD.)

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Art stuff
B/W illustrations are on hold while I continue to prep a new chapter. (Edmund’s narrative will complete next week. In February, “The Wolf Past, Part II” will commence.) Instead, you get full color awesomeness from the artist, PigeonStar. She delivered a great commission that hints at things to come. (A larger version suitable for using as a wallpaper will be made available for a short time to you guys in the near future.)

Commission for S-girl by *PigeonStar on deviantART


Update: Chapter 6, Part A: Edmund — 2 Comments

  1. I suspect I need to make a geographical map too, if I knew how to. ^^;; Although I do have sketches somewhere.

    • A lot of maps can be good even as cleaned up sketches. If you have something on paper/scanned, you can send it to me and I’ll see if I can make a simple one for you when I have time next month!