Chapter 6, Conclusion to “Edmund” and Interviews! Bookmarks! Wallpapers! Randomness!

Whew. I’m back from the road again with a conclusion to our first chapter on Edmund Ormond, our intrepid young hunter. Lots of random site business rambling below, but let’s cut to the chase:

Continuing Readers: Follow Edmund here.
New Readers: Tiptoe this way

Interview series continues!
Activated’s authoress EK Gonzales nailed me to the wall in her interview of me regarding this project and the somewhat curious timing of the release of a new Red Riding Hood movie. Actually, I’m glad she asked. Curious? Read it here.

In comparison, my interview of TEWaters is pretty much nerding out over mechas.

This week, Art Wednesday will return although not with a new illustration, but with a follow-through on one of my earlier comments about prints, bookmarks, sketches, and wallpapers. If you haven’t already subscribed to the feed, recommend doing so or remembering to come back here on Wednesday!

And here’s a bit of a treat. This is a character that we will hear more about in Chapter 7, The Wolf Past Part 2, and likely will spin off her own series (next year?) once this arc completes with a horrid cliffhanger.

wip _Swan Queen by *s-girl on deviantART


Chapter 6, Conclusion to “Edmund” and Interviews! Bookmarks! Wallpapers! Randomness! — 2 Comments

  1. So sorry about the nailing to the wall!

    I love the stained glass behind the snow queen lady. ^^v

    • Oh, I think it was a good question to ask. I just wanted to motivate people to read the interview :D.
      Still not sure about the background on the image. I had thought about doing it all wood like the Wolf /Red background, but I kind of like the swan to be obvious…