No new chapter, but some goodies :)

Hi guys!  Back from Momocon, and much to my surprise and delight, I got to talk to three people who said they were regular readers of this story!  I didn’t ask for your names and such, but hope if you see this post, you’ll let me know who you are xD.

Again, no text update this week, but I have some fun art things to share with you.

  • Remember Pigeonstar’s awesome fight picture?  I’ve made three resolutions of that wallpaper (with her advance permission)available here for a limited time.
  • Also, my regular table partner/art buddy Lewis Cox, aka “LC3,” surprised me yesterday with a really awesome copic sketch.  I love his work and I love this image!!

  • Lastly, are you still with me now?  I am going to be giving away five sets of bookmarks+vinyl stickers. The stickers come courtesy of Lewis,based off the charm designs!  To be eligible for those, you have to email me at .  First priority goes to commentors who already are in the comment database (i.e., you have commented before today). 🙂

More to come art-wise actually, but that’s enough for now. (I’m in the midst of post-convention reorganizing), but otherwise see you next Sunday !  😀



No new chapter, but some goodies :) — 2 Comments

    • Wow! That’s cool that you did a fanart 😀 Drop me a line on DA. I have some sketches I did this weekend that I will be “trading” maybe with other artists soon!