Chapter 8 begins!

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Alright, back with the start of Chapter 8!

Not much to report other than mentioning the previous post from last Sunday about some goodies. As mentioned in that post, I do have stickers/bookmarks still available :p.

While I’ve been off, the Wenches have been updating up a storm.  In sum, the stories are now (I think) hitting their upward stride (most of us as you could tell were doing a lot of worldbuilding), so if you haven’t yet checked them out or haven’t read them in a while, I’d go ahead and try them out (again).  As for Suzy’s Box –  the creator for Suzy’s Box and I have been having fun with correspondence.

For commentors –  could you let me know if you see any spam coming to you from posts here? I’m trying to shut down bots that seem to take great joy posting links. I think I managed to stop them but if you are receiving weird emails, please let me know. Thanks!

As a last favor, I seem to have a nonexistent presence in the Webfiction Directory listing. If you are a regular reader and would like to help me out, would you please consider leaving a review at the Directory? Thanks!


Chapter 8 begins! — 4 Comments

  1. You and I both, no presence on the Webfiction Guide. But I’m too shy to directly ask for it. ^^;;

    • I don’t really know that the WFG gets looked at much as far as listings, but I would perhaps like a review from a reader as opposed to the only review by an editor who looked at this site and immediately classified this story as a fairy-tale story based on a short visit to the site. However, if it doesn’t happen, not worrying about it as long as people share likes through social media. I still get a few facebook referrals that pan out to a thoughtful visit to the material…

  2. The website is saying user registration is currently not allowed…
    Otherwise you would see a review from me!
    So sorry~

    • Ah, that’s interesting… I think the sister site got hacked two weeks ago. Maybe he hasn’t put it back. Thank you for trying though!