Chapter 11, “Inner Circles” and a brief pause

Continuing Readers: Read here for my indirect answer to the ending of the last chapter and one of the questions some of you have been thinking through.
New Readers: Start here. Read the notes about the story here.

Thank you folks for letting me know you’re there reading and enjoying the weekly updates.  I honestly was going to put off for two weeks (as I tend to get pretty stressed pre-convention with all the logistics involved in prepping for an Artist Alley, but your feedback was very kind and so I worked this week to address some of my own internal worries over structuring the next few chapters (the explanation for the wall of post-its in my previous post).  I feel pretty good about the map I have laid out that I hope will carry all of us to the end of this first arc.

Anyways, if all goes well, expect the text of Chapter 11 to resume on June 5.  And keep your eyes posted in the interim for random art updates.  I still have a batch of sketches and hope to doodle more in the week off.  Also, please use this time to catch up on the work of the other fine Wenches.  I’ll be dragging the creator of Suzy’s Box around, and if you have suggestions for any collabs she and I should do while she’s here, let us know. :3

And on the off-off chance that someone is at Animazement at the Raleigh Convention center, come see us in the Mezzazine section of the Artist Alley (you’ll see the smexy Wolfram pin-up in super sized glory on my table) and mention this website for a free doodle :D.


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