Happy Art Wednesday!

Well, as of this morning, I have dropped “Suzy” back off at the airport where she will fly back to where she came from (and hopefully make her update tonight xD).

Her guardian left us a bit of a fun comic chronicling our convention experiences in a fictional manner.

I also am going to make one of the sketches I did available for giveaway :). I’ll randomly pick from responders to this post. If you are interested in “Throwing down”, please respond to this post with a one liner of what the Count might be thinking in this sketch!

As for the other sketches/designs that I worked through for Giles,Hastings, the Swan Queen and Edmund… some of you astute Tumblr stalkers saw some of them already yesterday. I’ll add them to the regular gallery this upcoming week.

For now, however, please carry on. I’ll be back Sunday with the next part of Chapter 11 and probably with a considerable caffeine hangover :p.

Edit: Don’t fret if this is your first time posting and you get the “post will be moderated” notice.  This is just a precaution against the spam-zombies. I will look at the timestamps on the messages that come into the queue… thx!


Happy Art Wednesday! — 15 Comments

  1. Wolfram: *I’m too sexy for my cape, too sexy for my cape…*

    Bonus insight from Elanore: He’s so gorgeous….*inner flail*

    Ok, I don’t think either of these characters are like this. But Wolfram looks so self-confident and just a bit like he’s leering, so this is what went through my head. I hope the post just makes you chuckle. Please don’t take it seriously. The art is well done, and I’m not trying to smear the artist in any way.

    • He does look like he’s a little vain. xD
      And no offense taken. (I’m the artist too xP)

  2. Count wolfram: “Your jealously is amusing, huntsman.”

    I can’t help but think the count would be amused and smirk at Edmund’s discomfort at them being so close. XD I feel like we are seeing them from Edmund’s eyes, he more menancing and her more fragile.

    • What an insightful comment! I do think Edmund might completely agree with your statements xD

  3. I actually had two different reactions to what the Count might be thinking here, dependent on whose point of view this is perceived through.

    If Edmund were viewing this scene, the Count might be thinking: “Even with the ears out, she still like me better, hunter.”

    If an Unthing were viewing this scene, however, the Count might think: “Now, like we practiced; focus, breathe, and attack.”

    Those were my thoughts on it, anyhow.

    • Me too! Although to be honest, the Wolf is absolutely fine. He has enough fangirls. IT’s Edmund I worry about!

  4. “Little Red Riding Hood, you sure are looking good. You’re everything a Big Bad Wolf could want. *Howl*”

    Am I the only one who knows that song? 😛

  5. Hmm…

    I think it might be like this…

    Count: “Don’t be shy, Elanore. Come closer…I won’t bite.”

    Or on a more serious note if they were out practicing: “Don’t tell me you’re scared already, Miss Redley.”

  6. “Why, don’t you look good enough to eat?”

    (also) Elanore: “My! What big ears you have, Count!”
    Count: “The better to hear you, my dear!”

    Slightly more than one line. But I love the picture.