Conclusion, Chapter 14: Some insight I suppose

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And so I’ve gotten alerted that the first installment of this story is to be read on this week’s Webfiction World podcast.  You can listen to it online here (it was not live as of this morning) or get it from itunes for free.

And now a question to y’all.  I’m prepping for my last convention for a while and have been thinking about creating some other fun merchandise.  If you have a moment to think through this and look at some of the other stuff I’ve developed at this link.  What kind of stuff do you think you’d actually use featuring characters from this story? Mousepads? Memopads? Magnets? Pencil Cases? Coin purses? Watches?  THANKS!


Conclusion, Chapter 14: Some insight I suppose — 4 Comments

  1. Calendars! Something that can really show off your art. Maybe even with some of your favourite quotes from both stories in there. Yeaaaah!

    • That’s a good idea. I think at this point, I’d have to generate some new art though to go with full-fledged calendars first though. Somehow I don’t have quite enough pieces to make the kind of calendar that I”d like. (And I’m kind of anal when it comes to product creation, unlike when I just draw xD)

      Will think through this some more! Thanks for the input!

    • It’s been hard to sell charms lately due to the shift to smartphones that do not seem to have holes for them D:.
      I’ve turned them into keyrings and other things, but am not investing in more until I finish selling off both the Red Riding Hood run and my other random characters.