Chapter 17 begins: A circle of light

Continuing readers: I think someone is in a good mood for once. Find out who here.

New readers: A story of a once upon a time, faraway place begins here. Learn about this webserial here.

FREE STUFF WINNER! ShadowKat has her chance now at the sketches. Thank you to the other nine folks who delurked or left witty one liners for me on the past post. If any of you nine would like a consolation gift of sorts — a bookmark made of dead trees, ink, and laminate (ironic considering this story is all digital) — please email me a mailing address!

New Giftart! Sorry I’m so behind the times. Life happened between Anime Weekend Atlanta and now. I have a sketchtrade from Pirrip and fanart from Jolee (who is a regular reader) HERE HERE HERE. It’s been a while since we’ve had new art and soooo happy to have these! Thanks guys!


Chapter 17 begins: A circle of light — 2 Comments

  1. yay! thanks so much! I’m super excited to see what the sketches/art looks like. 😀 is there anything else you need from me?

    • Nope! It was posted yesterday and hopefully should get to you this week. If it doesn’t, let me know… I’m paranoid about USPS….