Chapter 25, Part A: Within these walls

Continuing Readers: One summer I cat-sat three cats who used to meow at me incessantly when I would come over to feed and play with them. I still vividly remember how they used to constantly paw under the bathroom door to indignantly inform me that I did not have their permission to use the toilet because they wanted my undivided attention. And now you understand why I write the lions the way I do. HAHA. Okay, needless anecdote aside — Read here

New readers: A lone wolf, a hunter, and a woman with a red riding hood cross paths. Start your journey into their strange world here.

This week I’m trying something new with the topwebfiction vote. Hopefully you vote, you get to see a mystery page/sketch behind the vote! Vote here to see the image. And you can vote each day if you like it THAT much. I’ll be evaluating whether these doodles have any impact on TWF behavior and whether to go crazy doodles in future weeks.

And yes – looks like we have new updates from two of the three Creative Wenches! So for those of you looking for more things to read, look right. Click. Dance!

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