Back next week!

First time visitors: You are welcome to join us above, or start with Volume 1: “Red Riding Hood” here. Hope you enjoy!

Continuing Readers:   My apologies — after two very busy weeks in Scotland and Ireland, I returned last Friday night with many pictures but a rather stubborn cold and quite a bit of jetlag.  I did make it to Anime Weekend Atlanta and with it now over, I am now able to resume focus on writing. So next Monday I’ll post the next installment for “The Queen of Swans” and leave those of you who were following “The Sleeping Prince” in suspense for a while.

This weekend I started to delve into elven stuff yet again. Below the cut are two sketches and a  photo of the Lir Cafe in Killarney, Ireland.  The cafe is named for the legend of the “Children of Lir” which many of you fairy tale aficionados know is a variant of “The Wild Swans” type.  If you are interested in keeping tabs on my photo album, let me know via comment below by leaving me an email or website to send you the URL and password. Currently I’m only up Scotland pictures but it makes fantastic reference for any fans of gothic or victorian architecture.

I will be getting back to comments soon-“ish.”



Back next week! — 3 Comments

  1. Welcome back! No worries about the missed update. It’s better to get that cold under control.

    Sounds like you had quite the adventure (from your photo and sketches). I would love to see your photos. :]

    • dropped you an email with the password. let me know if you did not receive it! Had a lot more crazy things happen last week but nothing that concerns you all :). Thankfully still working and alive!

      • Thanks, SgL! ^__^ Love the pics. I can tell you had a wonderful time. Glad that you are doing okay. It’s been busy over at my end too, so I know what you mean.