Guest art! Wolves, Swans, and Elves

New readers:  You may wish to jump in with Volume 1: “Red Riding Hood” here or consult the “Guide for New Readers” above. Thank you for stopping by!

Continuing Readers: No new update this week but convention sketches from other artists follow below. In case you still need to catch up, read last week’s entry in which one member of the party reveals something he’d rather not. Queen of Swans Chapter 12 concludes!

Well, I managed to update even with travel out of the country and other work issues going on but Momocon was too much to handle this week with all the preparation and then activities that spin-off from hosting and exhibiting at Momocon.

If by some off chance you are here as a result of picking up a card, yay  – this week I have no new novel update so you can catch up on hundreds of pages xD.  On to my favorite part of these conventions — the  commissioned drawings!

This year I didn’t find a lot of people doing commissions at the convention as many of the artists I like to collect were at Fanime, Animazement, or enjoying the holiday weekend.

I ended up with new artists to try out.  None have seen much or anything of this serial before so they were fresh meat for the taking.

This time around I wanted more pictures of Elisa from “Queen of Swans.”  The artists were given an illustration found on this site.

shaunagrant_elisa  Shauna Grant  ( was pointed out to me by Kiriska (whose work shows below) because of her cute chibi samples.  She uses a strong black/white style and is a really cute person in real life. (She wore lolita dresses all weekend!)

kiriska_elisaKiriska ( actually lived with me all weekend so I guess she was obliged to draw for me. Hrhrhr. Drawing slave!  She was given the same illustration and came back with a very classy look.

kiriska_elfking What was more amusing was I gave her no reference for Vincens, not even a name. I just asked for prince elf who was arrogant, superior, fair-haired and light-eyed, and wore elfy-gear.  As for hair, I told her he had long hair and how elves were vain about their hair.  More or less, she had liberal guidelines.  In any case, Vincens does look haughty and proud. It amuses me! Why it does, I don’t know.I can almost hear him now.

Vincens sniffed. “Most humans are not worth my time.”

fuu-kun_wolfram  Wolfram could not be left out, so I asked Bonnie Marbert ( who was in the row behind mine to take one of the prints I had of Wolfram and Elanore and draw Wolfram.  She made him very pretty, I think. 🙂

It is kind of funny how the samples skew this time around.  Anime conventions, however, in our area have a LOT of female artists.  I guess I’ll have to go to a comicon and try out Vincens with a few super-hero style artists next time.

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