Lovely art attack — or my dog ate my story …

New readers: Explore a fantasy world full of the fairy tales that you only thought you knew. Start with Volume 1: “Red Riding Hood” here or consult the “Guide for New Readers” above.

Continuing Readers:   Sorry guys. Work purgatory flamed out of control and I’m stuck without much time for concentrated writing this week. I did sketch out the “reaction” to the last chapter but it’s not ready (or even close to ready) for posting. I plan to be back next week with the start of Chapter 17 of “The Queens of Swans,” entitled “Kings and Queens.”

That said, if you haven’t caught up to the end of Chapter 16, go CATCH THAT DARN ELF.

And for those who came by to visit I leave you some NEW lovely work done by Heidi Black and Alice Sin who I commissioned for their renditions of Azul and Elisa while at Anime Weekend Atlanta.  Click to see behind the cut!  Also, come back later as I begin updating the “Incentives” page to catch us up on all the hidden vote stuff!


Elisa by Alice Sin


Azul by Heidi Black

Azul by Heidi Black

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