Off this week (Queen of Swans), Staring at the cliff

New readers: Explore a fantasy world full of the fairy tales that you only thought you knew. Start with Volume 1: “Red Riding Hood” here or consult the “Guide for New Readers” above.

Continuing Readers:  Sorry about the lack of notice for this week off. I sat around this weekend realizing I am trying to end this story and for those who were not around for Book 1, I had to take about a week or two  to reread everything and gather up all the loose threads before I could draft out a rough set of final chapters.  I’m rereading everything from the beginning again and trying to sort out what to conclude alongside planting or leaving open for the next volume. Yes. Next volume. sigh.

Please watch the twitter feed carefully next week. If I am not able to plop the next installment next week, I will pull out a side story-past story that I want to explore.   If you are kind enough also to comment on the top three questions you hope will be resolved THIS volume, please leave a comment below. thanks!


Off this week (Queen of Swans), Staring at the cliff — 7 Comments

  1. I hope that Selva will decide what her conclusion is on the matter, OR share some memories of her own with Edmund, within this volume…
    It may be a bit of a stretch to hope we find out what Sova concluded but would not share… but I hope it anyway… ^_^
    I guess I can’t hope to find out who stole the books from the guild in this volume, or where the North Wind is, so… since Elanore was curious, will SHE get to find out a little of what we know about the Count’s past?

    I also want to say I totally pardon you for being away this and every time you’re away, but, I DO wish you’d post a little update at the same time you normally would, in the main page – because if you only tweet it those of us who tend to read on our mobile phones on weekdays can’t see that part of the page. Or maybe it’s just me. But either way. It’s reassuring to see a post so that I am not just filled with wistful disappointment. ^_^

    • Hm, good list! I think most of these could be addressed or should be. I wasn’t going to leave Edmund’s fate dragging along after this volume… definitely think all of you (including poor Elanore) have been very patient with this particular mystery.

      As for Elanore’s knowledge vs. reader knowledge –that’s an interesting question. I think there’s quite a bit she does know but it was conveyed b/w her and Selva off-screen. I’ll have to think about this in the revision but I think it’s fair to say that Selva is a very honest person with Elanore and the two women confide in one another.

      And did not know that the twitter part just disappears off phones! I’ll post something next week but just haven’t decided what. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your thoughts!

      • ^_^ You know what I was thinking of, was in Chapter 20 part B, when Elanore and Edmund showed interest in the allusion to the Count’s encounter with an Unthing, but the topic was briskly headed off, so I guessed that maybe they didn’t know about the occasions we found out about in Volume 1, at least not very completely. It would probably get Elanore and Edmund pretty worried about each other though (even more than usual!).

        Thanks for writing this awesome story!!~ I have reread it about 5 times through beginning to current, and I started again recently… 😀

        Do you still look for feedback on the small grammatical issues that are occasionally present in the website version or did that cease when you released your book version? Just curious ^_^

        • Red Riding Hood book version is definitely cleaner than the web version so things in that work probably will not be prioritized for revision until I’m really done with more books! However, Queen of Swans should be considered something for active flagging, please! I don’t mind people pointing out general issues or if you are really committed to editing/tweaking, let me know and I’ll set up a Google link for those who wish to edit. Right now only Sir_Grimoire is sending in stuff he notes (usually he gets me via twitter or email) but the more, the better.

          I think on the note you brought up– what Selva knows and provides Elanore is filtered to some degree. What the Count has to say would be of interest to anyone because I’m pretty sure that the accounts don’t quite match. (It’s like how when you hear a story from one person it’s not the same as another.)

          Unfortunately he’s not one for explaining things which means he doesn’t. xD

          I’m glad to hear that you have read this so much and paid such close attention. I really appreciate hearing such a thing and from a new commentor– I’ve known there are many lurkers out there but not quite sure what keeps people coming back xD

  2. 1. The mysterious item Edmund owned which apparently no longer posed any harm at the end of book I. Exactly what is/was it?

    2. The letters Maximilian the Second once wrote and sent young Max to hand over to the Queen of Swans. Do these letters still exist, and will Elisa be able to read them after all this time?

    3. Concerning the child Elisa once gave birth to. Did it survive? If so, did it grow up, marry and does it have any descendants? Or is it still alive somewhere – whether this person is someone we know or someone who has yet to make an appearance?

    • 1) It was an elven artifact made of metal. It was deemed similar/like to other things in Wolfram’s possession (in Book 1) but he did not make any conclusive statement (because he could not). Nor was it a specific object of power or it would have been likely recognized as such by Selva. It will return.. just not sure if it will be part of the end of this book or part of the next.

      2) Yes. Yes. If he ever gets them to her. But considering who wrote them– I wonder if she wants to read them >_>

      3) 🙂 <-- Keeping mum