Momocon and Queen of Swans (mini-update)

New readers: Explore a fantasy world full of the fairy tales that you only thought you knew. Start with Volume 1: “Red Riding Hood” here or consult the “Guide for New Readers” above.

Continuing Readers:  Well I’ll be in the artist alley at Momocon this week!  As such, it was a bad week for putting together a full out update as I’ve tried to get books and other prints ready. (For those who did not know, I have a new  mini booklet for “Unicorns Walk Among Us” for sale at this convention!)

However, I did not want to skip out on this week so have posted a half update that should resolve last week’s question as to what news someone brings. “At the Crosswinds,” Chapter 23 of “The Queen of Swans” continues here!

Discuss the fallout amongst yourselves!

And If for some random reason you are at Momocon, please come see me at Table 180. I’ve circled it (in green) on the map which is behind the cut! 

regular alley

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