Art notes

It did slip my mind to say something about the elves in this universe. For those who have been here from Deviantart, you’ve seen pictures of my various odd elves and fairies.  Well, I can now freely admit that they are the same elves and fairies that are part of this particular universe construct.

So for those unfamiliar with the elves and fairies I doodle, here’s a Minstrel elf 😀

Minstrel Elf
by *s-girl on deviantART

(You can click through and look at the emo elf in bigger form at DA!)
Here’s the link in case you’re on an iPhone/iPad :p

And some nice news. We’ve added another person to the Creative Wenches. (Hint: Look Right and click the button “Activated”.) She’ll be starting up in January. And while you’re over there clicking, click on the other buttons too, as the ladies have updated!

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