12.26.2010: Complete, Chapter 4- The Wolf Past I

Hope you guys had a good holiday. Kind of a crazy day trying to fly back to home base, but here’s the chapter for now 🙂

As a bit of housekeeping for regular readers, I think I may revise the text of this story slightly if/when I put out an ebook version of some sort (as I’m not quite done fussing with some of the text for style) , but no worries – it won’t change anything substantial and that is a long time coming.

While we’re at it though, I do need some help evaluating which ads to continue at which sites. For those of you who actually remember how you got here (and likely you might as the ads are still up at several sites), would you kindly leave a comment and let me know if you think that the audience for that site and this have a strong overlap? And if there are other places you frequent that are currently on either the Project Wonderful backbone or open to ads, I’d love to hear about them.

That’s pretty much it for now. Now to go wither after being on a plane all day -_-.

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12.26.2010: Complete, Chapter 4- The Wolf Past I — 4 Comments

  1. Max just got a bit more interesting with this backstory bit. ^^v It also helps explain why he’s a loner. Thanks!

    • Yep, there is one there :). I put one up there partly because I like reading that site myself xD…