Wallpaper Wednesday

ip-pencils-swirlTechnically “art” Wednesday, but I digress. You can save this version (by clicking through) for your desktop if you wish. Or not.

As some of you more familiar with my art stuff are aware I tend to do local conventions from time to time. (Sadly my days of traveling West to do Anime Expo are over. It’s much too stressful for me and expensive!) For the next convention (in March), I’ll be working on a few items related to “Tales” and hope to post them here for you all in February on a dedicated (store) page of some sort. Still mulling the bookmarks and stuff and thinking through making new art for it. (Yes. SICK. xD) However, if you think any of the existing stuff would be really cool as a bookmark, let me know and I’ll see if I can make it work :>

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