Chapter 7 Part C posted (early!)

It’s a gorgeous day here so am flying by and dropping this in about five hours early 🙂

Continuing Readers:Sneak in here. But be aware that last week there were two parts posted A/B.
New Readers: Tiptoe this way

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank TE Waters for proofing this week. While I mention her, I also want to point you to a short story that she just posted a few days ago on Smashwords titled “Wall of Bones.” She’s kindly provided a coupon code (expires 2/18) for those of you that would like to read it for free at this link. The coupon code is VP94Z.

This Wednesday I plan to start posting a short story as well over the next few weeks. It is designed to be a self-contained work and yet speaks very much to this “universe.” Picture Hint:

Unicorns Walk Among Us by *s-girl on deviantART

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