Chapter 13, Part D: In which some scones are violated

(aka “Part 4, The Mysterious Estate”)

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It is a longer installment only because I am trying very hard to have only one more part to this chapter before moving forward. Ugh. Incidentally I should mention that if you have not yet looked once at the map, it may be of interest to you to click “The World” up above. (There are two pages, so be aware.)

In any case, thought it would be nice to share with you an amusing summary (from one person’s perspective) of the story thus far. I suppose this is less collaboration than “homage” from the creator of Suzy’s Box. Sometimes, my fellow wenches and friends scare me. Click here to witness utter insanity.

ETA: Oh yeah, speaking of crack…the sketches giveaway went to SharonRose. See her pic here!


Chapter 13, Part D: In which some scones are violated — 4 Comments

    • I was kind of amused and perturbed, myself. Ken dolls kind of creep me out Dx

  1. That made my day INFINITELY better. Thank you.
    (I loved the Count’s costume. And ears. Mostly the ears.)

    • hehe. For some reason people seem to really like ears. I have no idea why. Glad you enjoyed it. I think CSKay is taking requests if anyone is interested. I suppose, though, that’s only for a limited time as I believe her niece wants her doll back xD