Conclusion, Chapter 13 “The Mysterious Estate”

(aka “Part 5, The Mysterious Estate”)

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Zut alors! Another unplanned double-length installment!  Once I had committed to revealing something in this conclusion to this chapter (not without considerable angst on my part), a conversation needed to be lengthened to explore some of the beliefs/thoughts about a particular thing of import. (Thus, we ended up with a really long conclusion to the chapter -_-.) I still have qualms that it is not sufficiently clear, but I’ll trust that your comments will certainly touch on that.

Next week, a neglected Hunter receives a large number of visitors and begins to stir up a mess not entirely of his own making.

And for those of you who missed my Tumblr sketches, I reference them here because one is relevant, and the other is pure silliness:

Three Kings 
and My lovely triangle.

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