Chapter 14: Old Wounds

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I seem to be in the pattern of long updates. I’m not sure what happened other than that sometimes I don’t feel like there is a natural stopping point to break the narrative.  In this case, as I give attention to the neglected Hunter, there was quite a bit I wanted to let him say and think.

The downside of a longer installment is that the tightness of an update is sometimes “off”.   Doing double the editing and rewriting in one week is sometimes hard. In this case, I have so much I want to do with Edmund and to him that I decided not to be so vigilant about the usual word length of the installment.

A special thanks to CSK and TE Waters (back from travels) for humoring me this week and “interviewing” Edmund as well. It was a very helpful exercise in developing this chapter and helping me sort out exactly which of his scabs to scratch .

Anyways, hope you guys are keeping up! As always, if you enjoy this story, please share the link/retweet or whatever. I don’t care about donations or sales from the shop, but I’m always looking to connect with new readers :). Your help is much appreciated!

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